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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday Craft Fairs

It's that time of year - Holiday Craft Fair season is upon us.  Whether you've been planning for this since summer or just decided to participate in a community Bazaar, over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring tips, tricks, and suggestions for your holiday booth success.

First - How much do you bring?

The most common advice is to figure out how much you plan to make at the show....and then bring 3-4 times that amount. 
But wait. How do you know how much you should plan to make? There are a lot of things you could take into consideration but to keep things simple right now, let's just go with booth fee.   Ideally I'd like to make 10 times my booth fee (this is just sales not profit).
So here's what all of that looks like for an imaginary show you may have coming up:
Booth fee x 10 = sales goal
                  $100 x 10 = $1000
Sales goal x 3 = amount (in sales potential) you need to bring
                  $1000 x 3 = $3000

So if you plan on making $1000 at a show you should bring at least $3000 worth of merchandise. 

But if you've decided to have a table at the local Bazaar, and they're only asking for $25, then it works out more like this:
$25 x 10 = $250 (sales goal)
250 x 3 = $750 (merchandise on hand)

So what's your experience been with stocking your booth? How do you gauge how many of each color you bring? Be sure to check in for the next post about booth set up.

This post contributed byJulia A. of The BackLoop.    


  1. I never knew those figures before! Great info.

  2. Excellent advice!! Thanks so much!!

  3. Very interesting. I would chime in on inventory and tips if I had more show experience. Good luck to those doing some this holiday season.


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