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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deck the Tree

It pains me to do it, but I'm actually going to be on season for once. Yep, I'm actually going to acknowledge that Christmas is coming. (I know, this is so unlike me.) But I saw this dragon ornament (too cute!), and I knew I had a topic. Even if it is, gasp, December appropriate.

Blue and Silver Dragon Ornament
Blue and Silver Dragon Ornament by Featherwurm

So, once I got started looking, I found all sorts of cute things. Like this glass wire wrapped one.

Glass Ornament Wire Wrapped Christmas Tree - White
Glass Wire Wrapped Ornament by Glass Art Elements

And continuing the tree theme.

Christmas tree ornaments, fused glass free form trees, set of 2
Christmas Tree Ornaments by Caroline4art

What an interesting idea. Recycling beer bottles. For ornaments.

One Beer Ornament from Recycled Glass Bottle
One Beer Ornament by bottlehood

Or using sheet music. I have a few musician friends who would appreciate this on their trees.

Sheet Music Origami Ornament
Sheet Music Origami Ornament by Graceline Paper Studio

And of course I'm always partial to knitting, even if it's just knit prints.

Knitted Print Holiday Ornaments
Knitted Print Holiday Ornaments by Black Cat Bazaar

And while my medium isn't beading, I'm sure some of yours is, and the pattern for this ornament is available. There's something kind of cool about making your own amazing ornaments.

Lace Picot Beaded Ornament Pattern
Lace Picot Beaded Ornament Pattern by Arhyonel Designs

A few years ago I knitted some ornaments. Maybe next year I'll make some more and add them to my shop.  

This post contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs. Happy holidays.  


  1. What a great store of treasures you've given us! Thanks for the blog post!

  2. What a great selection of ornaments! I'll have to go shopping now. I like to buy a new special ornament each year. Thanks for the options!

  3. I love being shown things that are different than what I usually see, Beautiful work!

  4. Awesome collection of ornaments. Each one is so unique! It will hard to choose.

  5. Thank for drawing our attention to these fun finds Liz!

  6. These are all Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing your finds :)

  7. Fun collection! Love the knitted patterned ones especially!


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