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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Artist Profile - Pink Pianos

There are so many amazing artists and creators in the CCCOE community.  We're going to take some time each month to introduce them to you -- starting with Hilary Hahn of Pink Pianos.  

When did you learn to do what you do?
I have always been creating things for as long as I can remember. I honed my techniques formally through studying Set Design, Fine Art, and Interior Design. I learned to do restoration work through experience. I began my Etsy shop hunting and renewing pieces as a hobby with the dream of having an art show. To my surprise, my furniture sold quickly online and I ended up with an Etsy shop instead. 

Describe your shop. How would you describe your style?
My shop is a curated mix of vintage renewed design and fresh fine art paintings. My style is naturally evolving. I love Scandinavian design, vintage objects, and natural treasures that I come across when adventuring. 

What are your favorite pieces to make?
My favorite pieces to craft depend largely on my mood or the season. Overall, I am drawn to natural wood, linen, and watercolor as a medium. I enjoy the results of seeing an antique transformed in a completely modern way. 

What inspires you?
Nature, color, and travel are constant inspirations to me. I live for the way old wood looks once it has been sanded, oiled, and refinished naturally. 

What does your workspace look like?
My outdoor studio is in the garage. I call it my furniture shop. The best part is that it is on sunny alley with bougainvillea and all day a steady stream of neighbors walk their dogs passed me. They often get involved in the projects that I'm working on. Several of them have even commissioned me to refinish their heirlooms and antiques. I have an indoor studio where I work when it gets too chilly.

My home in Los Angeles is art-filled and eclectic. One of the perks of being an artist is meeting other artists and amassing a mini collection. My husband likes modernity and I blend vintage pieces in a curated way. 

How do you spend your time when you're not creating?
In my spare time, I relax through yoga and biking. I seek out a chance to connect to nature via the mountains or the beaches on the outskirts of the city. I love to hang out with my husband and go walking with friends. 

What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast? 
I love to start my morning with granola and almond milk and fruit with coffee or tea.

Where would you like your shop to be 5 years from now? In 5 years, I would like my shop to offer a full line of home accessories. I would like to combine painting with home d├ęcor to create my upholstery fabrics and surface design for products. I envision a pop-up shop in the near future, where I partner with like-minded artisans. 

Where else can we find your work (online an in person)?
At the moment, Etsy is the main venue for my shop. I am a member of the Create:Fixate artist community and I do shows around Los Angeles with this group of artists. I am currently looking for boutiques that may be interested in showcasing my furniture designs. 

Where can we learn more about you? I write a blog called PinkPIanos, where I share my passion for fine art and handmade design one restoration project at a time. Please join me on Pinterest where we can share our ideas and become friends. 

Everyone make sure to reach out to Hilary! 

If you're interested in being profiled, just contact Julia A. This post contributed by Julia A. of the BackLoop.  


  1. Great blog post, great shop! Congratulations, Hilary!

  2. Terrific job on the profile! Thanks for telling us more about Hilary.

  3. Wonderful feature. Great learning more about Hilary.


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