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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It's the time of year when students graduate, fathers are celebrated, and birthdays begin to hit. En masse. Fun, eh?

39 Cups has several interesting mugs, some especially made for Father's Day. But I just had to feature the one for the current Zodiac sign. Just because.

Gemini Mug Zodiac / Astrology Personalized Mug Wholesale Bulk
Gemini Mug by 39 Cups

If you've got a little girl on your gifting list, consider giving her something fun to play in.

Woodland Fairy Tutu - Lavender, Aqua and Green Girls, Toddlers, Infants Photo Prop or Just for Fun
Woodland Fairy Tutu by Too Too Kute

Or for a boy, what's more fun than a Batman decal with his name on it (for his bedroom wall)?

11" x 20" Personalized Batman Wall Sticker Decal
11" x 20" Personalized Batman Wall Sticker by PersonalizedJewellz

If you've got a friend who loves bracelets, this would be just the thing.

Blue Water Bracelet
Blue Water Bracelet by Steph Jordan Originals

Or this.

Tribunal Bracelet of Clockwork...OOAK Handmade Copper and Turquoise Bracelet of Legend
Tribunal Bracelet of Clockwork by The Silver Crucible

Of course, I've always been a bit more of an earring person, myself.

Green Crystal Dangle Earrings, Cluster Earrings, Beaded Earrings, Beaded Jewelry, Women's Jewelry, Gifts for Her
Green Crystal Dangle Earrings by Sweetwater Handcrafted Jewelry

Or how about a handcrafted bowl?

Have you got a lot of gifts to give this time of year? What are some of your favorites?  

This post contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs. All captions link back to the items on Etsy as well as the shops where those items came from. Make sure to check them all out.


  1. Some great gift ideas here!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Summer is a gift giving season for me, and you found some wonderful gifts and shops.


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