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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where I Fess Up

I have a confession to make. I used to take a lot of time on these posts. I'd come up with a theme, search through our team's shops to find things that fit the theme...

But lately, I've started cheating. Instead of coming up with a theme, I just peruse the "Show Your Handmade Creations" thread on the team discussion thread, and pick a few items that catch my eye. (Or, I find a shop that is new to me, and I peruse the shop to find something to highlight.) I've been doing this for several months now.

Whew. It feels good to get that off my chest.

So, this month, here's what I found...

SALE Crystal & Pearl Bracelet
Crystal & Pearl Bracelet by Oh My Beading Heart!

Topaz Bracelet - Old Hollywood Vintage Glass Jewels Bracelet - Estate Jewelry - Chunky Bracelet - Statement Bracelet
Topaz Bracelet by LisaMarie's Piece

Jewelry catches my eye always. It helps that quite a few of the team members make jewelry. And I especially love earrings...

Purple Jade Gemstone Earrings~ Rustic Chunky Bead Earrings~ Gemstone Jewelry~ Jewelry for Women~ Handmade~ Beaded Jewelry
Purple Jade Gemstone Earrings by Bobbles By Carol

Sometimes I have no good reason for being drawn to something. Perhaps it's just the colors...

CUSTOM 7.5" CHAKRA Crystal Stone Plaque wall Altar Tile Pentacle Pentagram CHooSE CoLoR CHooSe Hanger
Chakra Crystal Stone Plaque by Saber Shores

Iridescent Gypsy Moth, original watercolor
Iridescent Gypsy Moth by Crystal Mist Cottages

Or it's something that makes me laugh...

Embroidery Wall Art . Dreams of escape
Embroidery Wall Art by Peg Grady Art

And since I'm a knitter and crocheter, anything fiber related catches my eye...

Adult size chevron crochet black, white and maroon sports team blanket
Chevron Crochet Sports Team Blanket by ChevronLane

And just for fun, this is one of mine...

Lip Balm Holder with Clip for EOS Egg Lip Balm
Lip Balm Holder with Clip by Zizi Rho Designs
Anything caught your eye lately? Do you peruse the "Show Your Handmade Creations" thread?


  1. Great new shops to me! Thanks!

  2. What a great way to find cool new things! Thanks for sharing your secret!

  3. Thanks for confessing!! Love what you've found!

  4. LOL! True confessions. You found some wonderful new things! If I get around to taking pictures I can share some new things too ...


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