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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This week I challenged the team to show me something from their shops that makes them think of summer, that belongs in summer, or anything summer. And then I asked them for a summer memory. Here's what they gave me:

Here's how The Pink Camellia remembers summer:
Summer always makes me think of young innocent summer crushes! Going on a vacation, or to camp, or wherever, and developing a crush on someone. You'd spend your summer laughing and having fun, then have to go back home and write letters to your sweetheart, maybe carry around a picture or something special they gave you to remember them by. They'd slowly fade away after school started back up again, but weren't those crushes the best?!  
I made a Lovebirds locket just for that hold that pic of your sweetie close to your heart...
Large Swarovski Crystal Lovebird Locket Necklace
Large Swarovski Crystal Lovebird Locket Necklace

Bobbles By Carol feels summer is: 
Summer is filled with bright color of all kinds... Greens of different kinds of grass and the stems of beautiful fresh blooming flowers in every shade of color.. Clear skies let us see the blues and white fluffy clouds...  
I made these earrings and matching necklace with some of these colors...
Gemstone Jewelry Beaded Earrings~ Green & Light Amber Boho Rustic Earrings~ For Women~ Beaded Jewelry~ Handmade
Gemstone Jewelry Beaded Earrings

Crystal Mist Cottages has a different take on summer: 
I live in Santa Cruz, so I'm fortunate to see the whales swimming past our shores. I sit on the sand, watching the dolphins play, and enjoying the sea lions romp, hoping I'm lucky enough to spot that spout!
Humpback whale with calf, original watercolor
Humpback whale with calf, original watercolor

Indy And Cleo has a similar take on summer:
I'll never forget an amazing summer vacation spent on the Big Island of Hawaii ~ walking along sandy beaches with giant Pacific Green Sea Turtles basking in the sun. In Hawaiian, they're called “Honu”. Though no one is really sure, Pacific Green Sea Turtles probably live into their 80’s. I called them giant because a fully grown Honu has a shell 4~5 feet in diameter and weighs about 350~400 pounds! If you ever have a chance, they are truly an amazing sight to see . . . Aloha!  
My very talented husband is the artist behind this art print . . .
Sea Turtle Art Print, Big Island SEA TURTLE, Sealife, Wildlife Fine Art Giclee, Wall Decor Wall Art, Summer Vacation
Sea Turtle Art Print

Isn't summer the best time of the year? What's your best memory of summer?


  1. Wow, love the art pieces! Gorgeous!

  2. Best blog post yet. I fell in love with every single item. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful items, great summer stories!!

  4. Loved this idea & sweet summer stories . . . thank you for the feature! . . . tweeting! . . .


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