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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New You

The first post of a new year needs a fitting theme. So I challenged the team to find something that says "new year" and/or "new you". Here's what they gave me...

From NansGlam:

Gray Pearl Dangle Earrings, Pearl Drop Earrings, June Birthstone
Gray Pearl Dangle Earrings

sunclassixx says:
This top represents the new year by the fresh look of the rose blooms...

Babywear by Babs says that these mittens represent: 
  1. This year I am expanding my shop inventory into more mittens
  2. This year I am planning on using lots of bright colors in all my new inventory
  3. This year I am planning on expanding into selling .pdf patterns and this mitten pattern is going to be the first - coming soon.
  4. This new year is clear and cold and these mittens are perfect for this type of weather
Hand Knit Childs Long Cuff Red Yellow Turquoise Ski Mittens Baby Winter Gift Set Super Warm Striped Snow Mittens
Long Cuff Ski Mittens

The Lady Horologist says:
New year. New moon. New blossoms. This item helps remind me of the cyclical nature of the world. What was once new could be new again, and things won't always be tough.
Full Moon Blooms - brass, tourmaline, and pearl steampunk necklace
Full Moon Blooms

From Knit2Create:

ON SALE Newborn Baby Boo Hat in Organic Cotton, Baby hat with ears, Brown hat
Newborn Baby Boo Hat

cserpent Designs says:
New me - new pictures! Santa brought me a new photo setup and I can get true purple with no photo edits. Here is my first new design with photos from my new setup! 
Royal purple amethyst lampwork and sterling earrings
Royal Purple Amethyst Lampwork and Sterling Earrings

Live Plush says: 
New Year is like a new start to life
Vibrant green depicts early delicate life of a plant that needs nurturing, but as the plant matures it will in turn be very rewarding
Our homes just like plants need a little inexpensive nurturing with curtains and they will provide us with comfort and a place like a sanctuary where we can relax and unwind.
Curtains-Pair of 50" wide trelis rod panels, drapes in Magnolia Emory lime green- grey brown blue tan taupe - 50x63" 50x84" 50x96" 50x108"
Curtains in Magnolia Emory Lime Green

Happy New Year.


  1. Such s great variety of talented CCCOE members!

  2. You always post such interesting articles. I really look forward to them! Thanks for doing them!


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