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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eye See You

I kind of fell off the map this month. Well, December has a way of sneaking up on you and bludgeoning you with parties and events until you come up for air sometime...well, about now I'd expect.

Here's the monthly roundup of the new creations of December (via the team thread)...

Dream Dial - Moonstone, cubic zirconium, Chinese and swarovski crystal necklace
Dream Dial by The Lady Horologist

Love the pretties...

Emerald Necklace - Art Nouveau Necklace - Vintage Glass Jewel Necklace - Romantic Necklace
Art Nouveau Necklace by Lisa Marie's Piece

And, of course, I have quite the affinity for the knits (and crochet)...

Beaded Lace Knit Shawl - Rose Garden
Beaded Lace Knit Shawl by Knit Purl Squirrel

Unique OOAK Poncho Brandon's Flam'n Hot Hug Bold Red Violet Purple Swirls Wrap Shawl Scarf Cowl vintage silk scarves fabric n yarns
Unique OOAK Poncho by Chewsy By Design

Handknit Women Triangle Scarf Shawl Style Neckwrap with Bead Dangles - Lavender
Triangle Scarf Shawl by ohmay designs

This brooch would work well on a shawl or such...

Alligator Vintage Brooch
Alligator Vintage Brooch by This and That Crafter

And I'm not sure if this is cool or if it creeps me out. Definitely not for a bedroom. But it was the perfect piece to inspire the post title...

dragon eye talisman handmade polymer clay and glass, ooak one of a kind, green, dragons, yellow, eyes, amulet, magnet, gift, 1.25 inches
Dragon Eye Talisman by kookybat

Happy end of December!


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