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Friday, August 21, 2015

Christmas Is Coming (In Four Months!!!)

Christmas is coming. As of this post, there are only 125 days left. (Check it out: Countdown to Christmas Clock.)

Which is a long time for most people. But if you're a maker, it's time to get cracking. There's not much time to get your Christmas presents made. And if you're short of ideas, there are plenty of patterns and tutorials that you can find to help you with your gift making endeavors.

First off, who doesn't need more Christmas ornaments? Okay, maybe you've got plenty, but when the finished product looks like this...

Lace Picot Beaded Ornament Pattern
Lace Picot Beaded Ornament Pattern by Arhyonel Designs

Or perhaps you want to try jewelry making. Here are a couple tutorials/patterns for some truly gorgeous pieces...

Tutorial for DIY Handcrafted Earrings by Laura Bracken Designs

Victorian Lace Beaded Earring Pattern by Nans Glam Supplies

Or perhaps you're a knitter/crocheter like me. Then you'll need something original to knit...

PDF Knit Jewelry Pattern Set by ohmay designs

Or crochet. (Didn't I say you needed to get kraken? Whoops, wrong cracking.)

CROCHET PATTERN PDF - Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie - Mythological Creature Hooded Scarf Couture
Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie by Pink Avenger!

Perhaps you're a sewer. What would be cuter than a mythological creature on your wall?

DIY Felt Unicorn Head, Plush Sewing Pattern PDF Digital Download
DIY Felt Unicorn Head by A. I. Creatures

Or I'm sure you could find some kiddos who would love this vintage pattern...

Giant Caterpillar Toy Pillow - Sewing - Vintage Pattern
Giant Caterpillar Toy Pillow by Avril Joy

Didn't find something here that works for you? There are many more patterns and tutorials at DIY Patterns on the team pages...

DIY Patterns curated by California Crafters Club Of Etsy - CCCOE on Etsy

Including a little knit pattern for your electronic tablet or ereader...

Tablet Buddy Knitting Pattern
Tablet Buddy Knitting Pattern me.

Have you started your Christmas making yet? Or do you buy all your presents?

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