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Friday, August 28, 2015


In perusing the team newbie thread this month, I noticed a bit of a trend. Feathers. Feathers are everywhere, it seems. In an old fashioned looking writing instrument...

New Custom BALL POINT Quill Pen Feather iNK Pen STEAMPUNK
BALL POINT Quill Pen Feather iNK Pen by Saber Shores

...a pendant...

Peacock Feather Adjustable Boho, Hippie, Native, Southwestern, Necklace with Amazonite Gemstone Heishi and Arrow Charm on Leather Lace
Peacock Feather Charm on Leather Lace by Sparkles-a-lot2

...or a boho headband.

natural, taupe, cream, edm, colorful, feather, feathers, feather headband, Feather hair comb, bridal hair comb, feather extension, feather
feather extension by enchanted headwear

But one doesn't need an actual feather to be in on the trend. Feather-looking earrings work just as well.

Sterling Silver and Copper Double Leaf Earrings by Texturz

Or a little feather addition to your gifts.

Feather Gift Tags and Hand Tags
Feather Gift Tags by Handy Grams

But feathers are a great embellishment elsewhere. Like on bottles.

Adorned Bottle   Feathers Birds and Pearls
Adorned Bottle Feathers Birds and Pearls by suchandsortaltered

And, of course, you can't talk about feathers without remembering the dreamcatchers.

Wild Turkey Dreamcatcher, Native American inspired large Apricot leather and wild turkey feathers purple beads
Wild Turkey Dreamcatcher by DreamCatcherMan

When was the last time you wore a feather?


  1. I don't wear feathers, but the trout flies I use have a great variety of little feathers - the fish love 'em!

  2. Some great feathered items here! The tiny tags are darling.

  3. Great post Liz! Love the picture by Enchanted Headwear!

  4. Love the feather gift tags! Great finds!

  5. I like all of them but my favorite is the bottle.

  6. thank you so much...I've really been MIA for a long time! ;>( thanks again for showing my bottle!


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