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Friday, March 18, 2016

Hair Do

Want a little something to brighten up your day? What about a little something for your head?

Tiger Eye Macrame Headband, Waist Chain | Stone of Protection | Bohemian Healing Crystal
Tiger Eye Macrame Headband by Earth Cultured

Rainbow, Feather hair comb, bridal hair comb, feather extension, feather clip, hippie hair, boho headband, boho accessory, extensions long
Feather hair comb by enchanted headwear

Beaded Hair Pins~ Plum Stones Gold Pewter Rustic Anytime Wear Hair Pins, Bridal Hair Pins~ Hair Accessories~ Handmade Gemstone Hair Pins
Beaded Hair Pins by Bobbles By Carol

Sleek Cat Ear Headband, Pink kitty ears
Sleek Cat Ear Headband by pearlreef

Fuscia Pink Purple Lace Knit Headband - Handspun OOAK
Fuscia Pink Purple Lace Knit Headband by Knit Purl Squirrel

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