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Friday, April 1, 2016

Oh So Blue

The sky was such a brilliant shade of blue yesterday, I couldn't resist searching for blue items. Of course, the first things that came up were jewelry...

Station Necklace//Blue Necklace//Gemstone Choker//Station Choker//Ippolita Style//Birthstone Necklace
Station Necklace by The Liquid Stone

First a necklace, then a stunning wire wrapped bracelet... 

Wire Wrapped Peacock Sea Glass Bead Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Peacock Sea Glass Bead Bracelet by Blue Licorice

And finally a watch with a beaded (in blue) band... 

Silver Watch with Blue Beads Jewelry W029
Silver Watch with Blue Beads by Watches by Helen

In my city (Long Beach), we have a plastic bag ban in effect, so we all need reusable bags for our shopping. Here's a nice wide one, and it's in the blue theme... 

washable large Grocery bag, eco-friendly marketing shopping reusable teal aqua blue leaves
Washable Large Grocery Bag by Leah's Heart

And I couldn't resist the book "safe" with the blue cover (Peter Pan)... 

Hollow Book Safe - Peter Pan - Blue Leather Bound
Hollow Book Safe - Peter Pan by Hollow Books by Refined Pallet

Next, a vintage item. An embroidered tablecloth. My family used to have something like this. I wonder if everyone's did? 

Vintage Blue Work Tablecloth / Rectangle
Vintage Blue Work Tablecloth by Vintage Encore

Finally, a crocheted shawl with many different shades of blue... 

Free Form Crocheted Shoulder Wrap, Woman's 3d Free Form Mini Shawl, Multi Color Aqua Teal Blue, Woman's Wearable Art Wrap
Free Form Crocheted Shoulder Wrap by Suzanne Sullivan

How are the skies where you live today? 


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