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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's time to begin working on your entry for the April challenge --"Holy Guacamole! California Celebrates Cinco de Mayo!" Items will need to be tagged CCCOE aprilchallenge (one word) so that we can find them and make a list of them. Deadline for entry is midnight (Pacific time) April 30. Voting will take place the first week of May, just in time for Cinco de Mayo. You may or may not know the true meaning of this usually raucous holiday. It celebrates the successful resistance of the Zapotec and Mestizo indians to the French attempt to install Napoleon's nephew as the ruler of Mexico. After having ousted the Spanish they just weren't having it any more, wouldn't you want to party too?! The historical bond that California shares with Mexico is undeniable. This month let's put our party hats on and celebrate the strength, bravery and general refusal to be pushed around that marks this event! One entry per shop please. When you have your entry listed, please post its title, YOUR SHOP NAME and a link to the entry in the April Challenge thread (watch Yahoo for thread link). Please copy those already listed and add yours to the bottom of the list.

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