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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let The Excitement Begin! The Voting Has Begun!

CCCOE March Challenge - Make Your Vote Count for "Witchy Women: Heroines, Heretics and Whores"

Now it is your turn to judge which one of the entries is the best. Polls open until midnight Monday, April 7. All voters will receive 10% off in the list of participating shops AND a spot in one of our treasuries during the same period.

Here is the list of entrants, or you can click on this link to see them all in one place 1. Wisteria the Witch..she is pretty but deadly, just like the flower. by crazyartdolls 2. Gloriana by RedBessBonney 3. Black Cat and a Blood Moon by MaidofClay 4. Shades of Mae West by Ohmay 5. 'bitch is the new black' by littlepurls 6. Medusa by hollylynne 7. Large Sunface filigree suncatcher by Oceankisses 8. little broom and witchcraft by lilumi 9. Wild Old Woman by QuirkynBerkeley (read the listing) 10. I Know... by katilady 11. Dorothy Tell It Like It IS by peggradyart 12. Annies Queens by Heartfulart 13. About Her I by whimsy 14. The White Witch of the Ice Forest choker/necklace by cigarboxbeads 15. Selflessness Apricot Topaz and Freshwater Pearl Earrings by prettycheap 16. 1692 Bridget Bishop Witch Charm Necklace by PalleikoDesigns 17. Sunglass Witch of Philly-CCCOE March Challenge OOAK 18. Something to Hypnotize the Boys with a Surly Wrap Around Chain with a Third Eye In Honor of all the Witchy California Women 19.Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon Bag by arttoweardiva 20. Indian Princess by mariejulie 21. Diva Devine a doll book by ElenaMary 22. Witchy Woman Silk Scarf by oceanavesilks 23. Sea Witch Scarf by phydeaux 24. bOOberella by VisionQuest 25. Jezebel, Trollop and Whore, Oh My. Cards. by LiSoCards 26. Hester Gillespie, the Amazing Hoot Owl 27. Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful by HeArt Collective 28. Prepare to Battle by luchi 29.Chupacabra by slurkgirl 30. Goody Prudence was a Witch by TresLocas 31. Luna the moon goddess necklace by AlliesAdornments 32. Marie Curie, One of My Heroines by anniekdesigns 33. The queens CROWN soldered glass pendant by DesignsbyTami 34. Confident Madam Crafted Traditions Necklace by AmandaK LockrowJewels 35. Alphonse Maria Mucha Woman Origami Peace Crane Ornament by Nancy McNally aka localcolorist 36. Veneno Helleborus Lividus by Tresijas 37. Fingerless Gloves for Sister Wendy by shellmitchell 38. Miranda by tangocatgems Each voter is eligible for a 10% discount off entire purchase from the following shops during the week of April 1 through 7. We will also feature voters in a treasury. We cannot notify you individually due to site rules, but start looking for the CCCOE treasuries starting on April 1. Keep your eyes on this list as more shops may be added during the week of voting.

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