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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

As I sit here in mid January I find myself daydreaming about springtime. It’s a new beginning every spring; new life everywhere in the flora and fauna. All of it wrapped up in fabulous bright colors. As I browse Etsy I find myself eyeing items that are reminiscent of springtime.  Here in California Spring is just around the corner, so hopefully the items listed below will help us all think of spring.

 Come on Baby Wake Up - Lotion Bar from Intentions

Wake up it is spring time! Everyone is coming out of their winter coma, tired of dealing with dry winter skin and this is the perfect product to snap us all out of winter.

Lilac Love 11x14 Fine Art Photograph  from octoberphotography

One of my favorite things to do in the early spring is to notice all of the flowers blooming and coming back from their deep sleep.  This photograph captures everything I love about spring flowers.

Mountain Shawl by Epicurus

It may be springtime (well, almost) but it still gets cold, use this gorgeous shawl to wrap yourself up and stay cozy. Not only is it warm, but this shade of green just screams spring!

Flight of Butterflies Collar  by SophiesThreads

Don’t forget about our four legged friends!! Spring is the time of renewal; maybe it is time to get a new pet collar complete with one of nature’s beauties: the butterfly.

Honey Amber Rose Garden 10 inch Tapers by ForestCandleStudio

These candles spark fond memories of spending time watching the roses grow in my mothers garden.

Handwoven Seed Bead Vine Necklace by AnKaLi

Springtime is filled with vibrant greens and signs of new life.  Wear a vine on your neck to remind you of the beauty springtime has to offer.

7.Bird in the Vines Wall Clock by JessilynJoy

This clock encompasses everything that I love about spring, birds, plants, and vibrant colors.

I hope that this short CCCOE journey has sparked an interest in what is to come in the months ahead!

The author, Carrie of  AnKaLi Designs is a resident of South Pasadena, CA. She enjoys bead weaving, jewelry design, photography, skydiving, and spending time in the California sun.

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  1. What a lovely blog post! I love spring time in California!


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