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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Naturally Beautiful in California

Hello! My name is Gwendolyn Garcia, and I am known as shop owner GwendolynForever on etsy! This is my first time writing a blog for the CCCOE Team! Since I make and sell handmade herbal skin care in my etsy shop, I decided that this would be a great opportunity to get to know others on my team who are interested in pure and natural skin care products, too! In a team of 600, I was bound to find some lovely products, and here they are!
Sacred Water Soap Company
An all-natural soap that will sooth and soften without irritating sensitive skin. Calming Lavender scent is derived from all natural pure essential oil, making this soap the perfect way to start your day!
Tanza Botanicals
A pure and gentle facial salve made with herbs and essential oils that are known to Sooth, Nourish, and Restore your skin gently. Yogurt base ensures gentle exfoliation and moisture. Perfect for dry or mature skin. Salt and Sugar scrubs are wonderful, because they leave your skin so soft and moisturized that you don't even need to use lotion when you're through! This all natural scrub is made with super skin nourishing oils and is scented with all natural lime and ginger essential oils, making it an uplifting and luxurious way to start your day!
Skin Your In
This product is a great way to end a stressful day. Coconut milk for a moisturizing soak, Colloidal oat for skin soothing and smoothing, and Buttermilk and Goat's milk for gentle lactic acid exfoliation, skin-friendly fats and proteins, and pH balancing for happy skin! Available in two scents: Vetiver Bay & Lime, or Lavender Vanilla!
Aroma Fields
Goat's milk is great for the skin: It contains fats and proteins that are easily absorbed by your skin, and it produces a very low-alkaline soap, making it more pH balanced and good for your skin. The end result is a soap that will not irritate even the most sensitive of skin. This unscented Goat's Milk Soap is perfect!
Scent By The Sea
Enjoy one of these exotic and inspired scents by Scent By The Sea. A wide variety of hand-crafted perfume oils to transform and transport your senses! This lovely perfume boasts "a straight magnolia/white floral shot with a green herbal chaser" and is blended into an unscented oil base! Lovely! I hope you enjoy this selection of natural products hand-crafted by various member of the CCCOE Team! Until next month!!!


  1. This is a great way to learn about skin care as I know only a little about it.

    Thanks for showcasing these shops!

  2. All these body products look divine!

  3. Oh that oerfume sounds heavenly! I have purchased many B&B products from CCCOE team and have not once been disappointed :)

  4. Oh, such wonderful products!

  5. Great feature! I haven't tried the PacificParadise scrubs, but her soaps are my favorites! I use them every day.

  6. All of these look great! I love handmade soaps and scrubs.

  7. what a lovely collection of products! I am honored to be featured among them! Thank you.


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