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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Choosing a T-Shirt

As soon as the calendar page flips to March, I think of T-shirts.


My brother's birthday is this month. His daily uniform consists of cargo shorts and a T-shirt. So, every year I set out to find something unique to add to his wardrobe. The first place I check is Etsy. I wonder what my fellow CCCOEers have for me this year.

The first T-shirt I found at RosaleenDhu Designs...

It's simple. I like that. And while it's not large (the size I need), the description says that I can request a large if I like. But should I call my brother a nerd/geek? (I think I should.)  

Then from Steppie I found...  

The description says the tee is unisex and in a large, so good. I hear ninjas are big at the moment. Maybe my brother could relate?  

Next, I found from VonksArt...  

This would be good, as it's abstract. I like abstract. My brother seems to appreciate abstract as well. Is this the one?  

I don't know. I need more choices. I found a couple others.  

Next, I saw from Tight Lip Apparel...  

My brother is big on white T-shirts, and this one has a little panache. Does he have a flaming heart? He might enjoy the style anyway.  

Finally, from 3square I found...  

It's kinda cute. I wonder what my brother would think.  

I found five good choices. Now, I've just got to decide which one to get him.  

Oooh, this is hard. I could use some help. What do you think I should get him?  

All pictures link back to the items on Etsy. Today's post brought to you by Liz at Zizi Rho Designs.


  1. Well I have to plead favoritism as my little brother made the Flaming Heart shirt ;)

    I really like the Ninja shirt. Her entire shop is adorable. I admit to not being super familiar with everyone else so I am off to check out some new shops!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great blog and I loved the comments about your brother. You went to a lot of work on this and it shows.

  4. nerd is in...geek is cool....

  5. Love all the t-shirts. What a great idea for an article. Getting warm in Cali so perfect time for these fabulous ts. :) Nan

  6. Go with the Ninja shirt! :) Great post!

  7. Great Post! Thanks for taking us shopping with you! I'd probably get my brother the Nerd shirt =D

  8. They're all great! What a tough choice!

  9. Another great post, thank you so much! As for your brother I would say the Ninja is where it's at!

  10. Great post. Really fun to read, and LOVE all the t shirts. Great choices!

  11. I've bought several tees on Etsy for myself and as gifts. You can always find some really unique designs.

  12. 3 for ninja. 2 for nerd/geek. I think we have a consensus.


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