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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etsy Success Symposium

At the end of the week, on Friday, March 30 (10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. EST), Etsy's Online Labs are hosting the Etsy Success Symposium, which will stream for free.  Furthermore, to help promote and celebrate the symposium, Etsy is looking to feature some treasuries on the front page that speak to the theme of "Get Found" or the Symposium.

"Get Found" is what we're all about here at CCCOE, right?  So here are some details from the horse's mouth (that means from the Etsy team direct):

Hi everyone! We are going to feature some Treasuries on the Front Page to promote the Etsy Success Symposium, and we'd love your help!

If you're interested, make a Treasury that somehow speaks to the theme of "Get Found" or the Symposium.  Maybe it will be a space theme to mirror the Symposium logo. Maybe it will be a safari or "hidden treasures" theme. Have fun with it! We'll pick a few Treasuries to feature on the Front Page between Wed., Mar 28 - Fri, Mar 30.

TO PARTICIPATE: 1. Tag your Treasury with "Etsy Success Symposium". 2. In the first comment in the Treasury, say something like, "Check out the Etsy Success Symposium!" or "Made in honor of the Etsy Success Symposium" or something like that. Also, put a link to this: 3. Optional, but a plus: tweet a link to your Treasury @etsy with the #etsysuccess hashtag and a link to your Treasury. You can shorten your link with

TIPS: - The ones we feature will be of FP quality- great arrangement and balanced mix of items. It should make us want to click! But we encourage you to make what you feel like making! - Themes don't have to be heavily literal. - Using sellers who aren't featured regularly is a big plus! Help them get found :) - FP basics: all 16 slots filled with different sellers, avoid shops on vacation or reserved items. The top row should be the strongest! 

Now get curating!  And share your links below for treasuries that fit this bill (and hopefully feature some CCCOE members, as well!).



  1. Great info here. Thanks so much for putting it on our blog!

  2. fantastic information. Thanks!!

  3. I've signed up for the symposium. Looks like some great info!


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