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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Lately, I have been experimenting with crocheting a peace sign. It hasn't gone terribly well. The patterns I found don't look quite right, and my tinkering hasn't yielded anything that looks like it should.

But my current obsession got me wondering. What have my fellow team members done with that stalwart of the '60s? It was a simple enough search.

First, I found a couple necklaces. Of course. The first is large and bold. The second small and subtle. For whatever your style happens to be.

I wish you Peace men's necklace by Vision Quest

Tiny Handmade Organic Peace Sign by Lulu La Rue

Then there was this ring. You can show your hippie pride right there on your sleeve, er, rather, hand.

Turquoise Peace Sign Ring by Priscilla's Jewelry

Another charm, but this one gives that flower child vibe.

Retro Soldiered Charm by My Charmed Treasures

And of course you need a messenger bag emblazoned with the peace sign to call out your peaceful leanings.

Peace is Beautiful Messenger Bag by art to wear diva

There were necklaces and a ring, so of course there should be bracelets as well.

Boho Chic Bangle by Lovepray

Aqua Peace Bracelet by lean dog pottery

Plus, I'm leaving out the earrings and some other cute finds. Be sure to type "Peace Sign" and "CCCOE Team" into the search box to see what I mean.  

I hope you're having a peaceful day.  

This post contributed by Liz of Zizi Rho Designs who was disappointed to not find any knit or crochet peace signs. All pictures link back to their page on Etsy. Be sure to check out these lovely shops.  


  1. Great job Liz! I have a couple bags from ArtToWearDiva that I love & some awesome jewelry pieces from VisionQuest.

  2. I also have some pieces I adore from visionquest.
    Nice blog post!

  3. Great finds. Love all the peace sign creations!!

  4. Wow, beautiful items, great theme...thanks for the great blog post!

  5. Wow,great writing! I love the theme and the wonderful variety of beautiful items from my team mates!

  6. Groovy! I love all of these beautiful finds.

  7. Very nice article and beautiful work by some talented artists!!

  8. Thanks all. Your comments are so kind.


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