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Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Brainer for Getting More Attention on Etsy: Monthly Merchandising Desk

Contributed by Melissa Kojima --- Artist in LA LA Land

Okay, like I've said before, sometimes, I'm a little slow to the draw.  I've not won any races for that, but I do get to the finish line anyway.  So I'm sharing more helpful tidbits that I've found.   And if you haven't found them yet either, you may find them good info too.

So here it is:  MONTHLY MERCHANDISING DESK on ETSY!  How's this suppose to help you?  Well, a lot of people make treasuries (including me) based on what's hot, trendy or seasonal and the merchandising desk gives you a lot of ideas for exactly that each and every month.  It's not asking you to make your shop over, but if you add some of those TAG & KEY WORDS that are appropriate to your shop and items, you'll get found easier by me who is making treasuries and others who are searching Etsy for seasonal items.  It has helped me to get found more, and to find you easier.  Unfortunately, I may not have found you yet, but these monthly ideas may help.

Read them at the 1st of every month.  Incorporate them into your shop and items!  Good luck and I hope we meet again soon----or for the first time!


  1. Great tips and info. Thanks. Nan

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I did know this (I had seen it before), but I had forgotten.


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