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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How Others Package

Sometimes gifts are so beautifully packaged that they make the actual gift so much more special. I still have the packaging from a little jewelry shop on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. My husband bought me a necklace 20 years ago and I've saved the box plus the ribbon and sticker it came with, which I had carefully put back together.

Wearing the necklace the other day made me wonder  how fellow CCCOE teammates gift wrap or present their handmade goodies.

Here are some I found. I hope they inspire you to think or rethink your presentation!

From LisamariesPiece

From iCharming

From SoPrettySoVain

From thepinkcamellia

From sliceofdelight

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Posted by Millie


  1. I want more!! So fun to see the pretty packaging! i do love sweet Etsy packaging!

  2. What beautiful packaging! Great ideas for the holiday season coming up!

  3. I have ordered from two of these shops and was able to give the gist without repackaging! Very inspiring and professional. Thanks for showing them all off. Love the wood boxes!

  4. thanks for the awesome blog post. Some of those packages looks too good to open.


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