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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coming Soon

I'm preparing a post on Facebook. I have been for a while. But it's hard. Everybody is on Facebook, right? So what more is there to say?

(That, and I'm going to include a list of Facebook pages, but it takes time to get those compiled. Keep an eye out in the team threads, as I will be putting out a call for those soon.)

So, this month for social media talk, I'm posing a question. What social media do you use? Which sites have helped your business? Which sites were more trouble than they're worth?

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  1. I use Facebook, twitter and pinterest. I get some views from each but rarely sales. Still I keep working them all.

  2. I mainly use FB and Twitter. I use Pinterest for personal stuff but I don't post much of my jewelry. I need to change that! Thanks for taking on this topic! Good one!

  3. I have used Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I get a small amount of views from all of them, but I never have enough time and don't remember to keep at it. Facebook seems to get the most views. Good topic!

  4. I use the Big Three -- get some views from Pinterest and Twitter -- not sure about FB. Thanks for a great blog post!

  5. I use FaceBook and Pinterest. I get most of my traffic by way of FaceBook. I have had several sales on FaceBook, but they were not by way of ETSY. I heard a talk on the radio and this person giving advice on sales said we should all be using Pinterest. I only get a few hits. Don't know about sales.


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