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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November's Newest (in December)

My usual end-of-the-month round up of some of the more interesting finds in the "Show Your Handmade Creations" thread of the team discussion board got preempted last week by the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales post. (Did you all do your shopping for unique and handmade items for this holiday?) So, we're going to make up for that today...

First thing that caught my eye. Knit and crochet. Naturally...

Crocheted Hat and Scarf Set Black Hat - Crochet Grape  Beanie Warm Winter Fashion
Crocheted Hat and Scarf Set by Nikifashion

Cabled Fingerless Gloves, Hand Painted Yarn
Cabled Fingerless Gloves by Lulu's Creations

And it's time to festoon your home with all sorts of seasonal decorations. Like a wreath...

OOAK Hot ChriStMaS cuPCaKEs Ornamental Wreath Home Decor
OOAK Hot ChriStMaS cuPCaKEs by Wild Mountain Wreaths

And a bow tie for the men wouldn't be remiss...

Men's Bow Tie - Holiday/Christmas  Classic style in a red paisley print cotton fabric.
Men's Bow Tie by The Shop on Preston Court

How about a little seasonal jewelry...?

Red and White Lampwork Drop, Dangle Earrings with Holly for Christmas and the Holidays
Dangle Earrings with Holly by Sparkles-a-lot 2

And this? This I just couldn't resist...  

Little MONSTER - Glamour Girl Compact Mirror
Little MONSTER - Glamour Girl Compact Mirror by Designs By Felisa

All captions link back to the items and shops on Etsy. Make sure to check them out.  


  1. SO much handmade goodness! Let the holiday shopping begin! ✿

  2. Lovely handcrafted items. :) Perfect for gifting or to enjoy for myself. :)

  3. Love all these especially the cupcake wreath!


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