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Friday, September 4, 2015


With the end of summer comes all sorts of stressors. School. Winter weather. The holidays. At times like these, we need to remember what calms us down and makes us feel better.

I asked the team what de-stresses them, and here are some of their answers...

Sparkles-a-lot2 says:
One of the reasons I make jewelry is because it de-stresses me. Nothing like being creative and working with my hands. Which is why making music is my other de-stresser! I am one of the lucky people who gets to do what I love and actually get paid for it! 
Hand-woven Drop, Dangle Owl, Bird Earrings Made With Brown and Copper Delica, Seed Beads for Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, Gift for Her
Owl Earrings
What de-stresses me is playing with my polymer clay... Squishing it, kneading it, then making anything relaxes me, because I've accomplished something enjoyable...
Butterfly Clay Brooch Pin, Shimmery Multicolored Pin, Fun Jewelry, Scarf Pin, Coat Pin, Affordable Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry
Butterfly Clay Brooch Pin

Bella Beads Originals says:
Something that de-stresses me is a mani/pedi. I feel so pampered! It helps me feel ready to take on the world and know that at least I look groomed.
Rainbow Tourmaline Pendant Necklace, Rosary Style, Pink Chalcedony Teardrop Pendant, Gold, Pink, Green
Rainbow Tourmaline Pendant Necklace

Zizi Rho Designs (that's me!) says:
When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I love to sit down with yarn and needles and make something. Besides the sense of accomplishment when I finish something, there's something relaxing in the rhythmic motion of stitch after repeated stitch.
Desk Cell Phone Holder ~ Knitted Pillow Prop
Knitted Desk Cell Phone Holder

 What de-stresses you?

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  1. Love to de-stress! I'm heading to get a mani/pedi today. Thanks for the feature!


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