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Friday, September 18, 2015

Going Places

Summer may be over, but if you're not worried about a school year, now is a great time to get away without having to deal with all the crowds. And if you're planning to get away (or just dreaming of a trip)...

Airstream Glamping Photograph In The Snow 1971 Vintage Trailer Beautiful Scenery Black And White Upcycled Fine Art Junk Gypsies Dream
Airstream Glamping Photograph by Lost Coast Arts

Route 66 brings up memories of road trips. Or the idea of old road trips (for those of us who grew up with interstates)...

Clearance SALE, Tote Bag, Handmade, Retro Route 66,  Reusable Eco-Friendly Bag, Groceries, Beach, Sports, Gym, School
Retro Route 66 Reusable Eco-Friendly Bag by Sew Darn Comfy

Route 66 Upcycled T-shirt Tote Bag
Route 66 Upcycled T-shirt Tote Bag by Red Bess Bonney Too

But for an actual trip, there are a few necessities you might need. Like something to store all your jewelry...

Mini Jewelry Travel Organizer Case Storage Gift
Mini Jewelry Travel Organizer Case by Falling Star Lane

Or a way to identify your bag amongst all the others at the baggage return...

Luggage Handle Wrap-Suitcase Identifier Set of (2)  Green, White and Blue CHEVRON ZIG ZAG
Luggage Handle Wrap-Suitcase Identifier by O.C. Styles

And if you're planning on getting out of the country, you need something to keep your passport safe...

Travel Passport Case /  Handmade / pick your color
Travel Passport Case by jackandbeedesigns

Or, you can sit at home and think about the world...

Latitude Longitude Bookmark, Copper Gift, Custom Made, GPSCoordinates, Nautical Location, Wedding Gift, Seventh Anniversary Gift, Mens Gift
Latitude Longitude Bookmark by Pearlie Girl

And there are all sorts of other treasures to be found at Going Places in the team pages... 


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