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Friday, February 12, 2016

Taming the Twitter Beast

A couple days ago, I finally got around to trying to tame my Twitter feed.

©Jean-Bastien Prévots

It had gotten so unruly that I barely even looked at it anymore. It's hard to keep track of people. So, how did I tame the beast? Lists. 

Click on your name: 

It's right there on the end. If not, you'll have to go into your profile to find it.

Lists are a great way to keep like feeds together, for ease in finding. You can also subscribe to others' Lists, like the CCCOE Team's List. So you can keep up to date on what's happening with various team members.

So, now the plan is to utilize Twitter a bit better. Because it's a great way to get word of your shop out to potential customers. (Especially since Etsy's search might be burying you from time to time. Thanks to annie k designs for finding the link.)

Yes, you want to find your customers. Who buys your items? You want to engage with the types of people who you're products will interest. But you don't want to hard sell. You want to talk to them, answer their questions, and become a Twitter buddy. Then, when they're in the market for something for themselves or a gift, your shop will be at the front of their minds.

But more than customers, you want to find the influencers in your area. These are the people who have loyal followings. If they like you, they might retweet you, and your reach will grow.

Then, you can also utilize Twitter to find content to feed your networks. You can only tweet a picture of your beautiful merchandise so many times before people start to tune you out. You'll need other things to tweet, and retweeting things that your customers might find of interest is one way to remain in the forefront of their memories.

You also have other social networks. An interesting link to an article you find on Twitter might be just what your Facebook followers would enjoy. Perhaps an interesting picture should make it to your Pinterest. This freshens up more than just one network. It keeps you relevant on many.

How do you use Twitter?


  1. Very interesting thoughts, esp. in light of Etsy's new search strategies. Thanks!

  2. I can see I'm not using Twitter to it's full capacity. I need to get on it!

  3. Great ideas. I used to Tweet a lot and now rarely do. I think it is time to tame the beast!

  4. Wow Liz fantastic. Thanks for all the ideas. I need to get back to Twitter also....


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