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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New to Me

I feel like I've gotten into a rut here. I seem to keep highlighting the same sellers from the CCCOE team. Today I decided to try to find some sellers that I haven't seen before. Here's what I found...

What an interesting ring. I'm not sure what Koolstoff means, but it has a nice, graphic vibe...

Size 9 - Koolstoff Ring celebrate life by wearing a Carbon Atom made w Six Prehnite Cabochons
Koolstoff Ring by R. Seitz Metalsmith

Oooh, shiny...

Classic Bridal Pearl Earring, Genuine freshwater pearl earring, bridal earring, mother's day gift, bridesmaid gift, wedding jewelry
Classic Bridal Pearl Earring by PapakoleaBeach

This just makes me laugh...

I keep forgetting that we can find wall art on Etsy, too...  

Blue Marlin Wall Art. Sportfishing Art for Cabin. Marlin Splash Watercolor 11x14 Print. Navy Blue Turquoise Green. Offshore Bluefish Artwork
Blue Marlin Wall Art by Mika Harmony

Flasks with your favorite artwork. I'm rather fond of this painting...

Seurat SUNDAY Iin the PARK art print on 6oz Stainless Steel Graphic Hip Flask
Seurat SUNDAY in the PARK art print on 6oz Stainless Steel Graphic Hip Flask by Oso and Bean

I had not thought about switchplates. These are done with "scrap fabrics from local artists", which makes them that much cooler...

Wall Decor "Bleu-de-Lyz", Two Toggle Decorative Switch Plate. Modern, Classic Switch Plate. Handmade. Color & Style. Creative Gifts.
"Bleu-de-Lyz" Two Toggle Decorative Switch Plate by NorCalSwitcheroos

And these are just fun. Perfect for a kid's birthday party...

Robot Rocket Set muslin cotton favor bag 15 with stamp gift sack boy birthday party baby shower goodies treat bag
Robot Rocket Set muslin cotton favor bag by Cherry Dreams Creation

These sellers are new to me. Are they new to you, too? 


  1. Love them all but the last one isn't new to me...that's my lil sis! Thanks for featuring some new faces. That ring is gorgeous!

  2. Awesome post! Always good to see new shops especially Shanna's sister!

  3. Thanks for finding these new teamie to me! Love their shops!


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