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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Summer Challenge Accepted?

Who's taken up the CCCOE Summer Challenge?

Quilted Golf Purse, Two Ladies Golfing Bag, Loralie Designs Golfing Bag, Coral Colored Golf Themed Bag, OOAK Golfing Bag, Handmade Golf Bag
Quilted Golf Purse by anniekdesigns
Anyone else? 

You've still got two days to join us. Post a new item by Friday, July 29th. Comment here or the previous post. Add it to our Facebook page. Or shout it out on social media with #CCCOEchallenge. 

Come on! You can do it!


  1. Good challenge! Now let's see if I can meet it!

  2. Well, this little guy has been half done for a good while & happy to say he is now complete! Thank you CCCOE for the motivation! Just what I needed! Now, to keep the creativity flowing...

    Winston the Sock Monkey


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