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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The August Challenge

Kudos to everyone who joined the first week of the Summer Challenge. Come back tomorrow to see everyone that participated. But today, we're talking about...

Just a little something to keep us on our toes this month.

This is prime time for us to start getting our shops up to speed. We need to be adding inventory. Increasing visibility. Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the time to ramp up and get ready.

For the first week of August, your task is to complete one or more of the following...

  1. A new listing in your shop (50 points)
  2. Revamp an old listing in your shop (25 points)
  3. Promote others in the challenge on one or more social media platforms (10 points)
Tag your new or revamped listings on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #CCCOEchallenge. Tag your promotion of others as well. Or post your new listings as a comment on this post. And next week I'll have updated point totals for everyone. 

Happy challenging.


  1. Band new in my shop ! Legacy Collection Necklace
    Petersite + Sterling Silver + Swarovkis Crystals = Statement Necklace <3 #CCCOEchallenge

  2. I've done #1 and tagged on facebook and twitter. Wasn't quite sure how to tag in facebook - hopefully I did it right. And here it is!

    Green malachite lavendar lampwork handmade copper dangle earrings #CCCOEchallenge

  3. Hi why is it that my submission for the august challenge was not tally? it was posted and tag. I submitted my design on August 2nd. So disappointed!

    1. It'll be tallied in next week's post. I promise.
      (I get the posts ready about a day ahead of when they go live. It looks like I just missed you.)

  4. Im on a mission! LOL

    on a Social media frenzy

    1. renewed and tagged my listing

      shared on

      pinterest/achewsy1 created a board "california crafters club of Etsy" and added earrings
      facebook/chewsybydesign copied link and #cccoechallenge
      twitter/achewsy1 copied link and #cccoechallenge

      for these gorgeous earrings!



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