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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The September Challenge Week 4

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo

How does your shop look? Are you stocked up?

For the month of September, I'm challenging you to work on filling your shops. And what about those items that have been sitting and not selling for ages? Perhaps it's time to refresh those listings so buyers see them with new eyes.

Another thing you can do to show team spirit is to help promote your fellow CCCOEers. Do you have a large Twitter following? Do you have a blog that needs content? Stuck for things to add to your Facebook timeline? This is a chance to share the spotlight with others who may have items your followers might enjoy.

Don't have the time or energy to come up with things to share on your own? Check out #CCCOEchallenge on your favorite social media platform and reshare or retweet. Even a "like" helps with visibility.

These are the main components of the Challenge. When you complete any, post them in the comments thread of the "September Challenge Entry Post". I'll tally the points weekly. Winner(s) have the option of being featured in a future blog post.

Each week there will be a Special Challenge. As this is the last week of the September Challenge, it's time to look forward to October. October's going to be less of a "challenge" and more of a promote-a-thon. And, of course, the blog is going to need a graphic to go along with this.

For this week's Special Challenge, I'm asking for you to submit a graphic for the October Promote-a-Thon. It'll be featured at the top of each Promote-a-Thon post for the month. Winner will be determined by popular vote. Get your graphic to me by Tuesday, September 27th so that there's time to vote before October. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Points Possible:
  • New listings: 15 points
  • Revamped listings: 10 points
  • Sharing on Facebook (use #CCCOEchallenge): 7 points
  • Sharing in a blog post: 7 points
  • Sharing on Twitter or Instagram (use #CCCOEchallenge): 5 points
  • Resharing from Facebook, retweeting from Twitter, or resharing from Instagram: 2 points
  • Liking #CCCOEchallenge posts: 1 point 
  • This week's Special Challenge: 10 points for entering, 10 more points to the winner
Make sure to leave all entries the comments thread of the "September Challenge Entry Post". We'd love it if you'd join us.


  1. Question...

    Do you want the graphic to say *October Promote~a~Thon* or *October Challenge* ??

    1. Promote-a-Thon, I think. Although, Challenge would work as well.


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