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Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Challenge Entry Post Week 4

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo

All entries for the September Challenge for the first week (September 22nd - 30th) need to be added to the comments for this post only. (Entries not submitted here have a very good chance of getting missed.)

For a new listing in your shop...

NEW LISTING: [with the link; e.g.]

For a revamped listing...

REVAMPED LISTING: [again with link; e.g.]

For a social media posting... 

SHARED: [with the link; e.g.]

(Note: you can copy the link to a tweet by clicking on "..." at the bottom of the tweet, then "copy link to tweet". For Facebook, click on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner, select "embed", and copy that link. For Instagram: click on "..." at the bottom of the post, select "embed", and copy that link.)

For reshares or likes... 

RESHARED: [with number of posts; e.g.] 5
LIKED: [with number of posts; e.g.] 10

For this week's special challenge: Convo me directly so you can send me the image.


  1. Entered this week's special challenge. Convo sent to Liz. ✿

  2. I've got a ton of new listings but I've already been featured a few weeks this month...not fair to those who spend many, many hours on completing one handmade item. :)

    I appreciate it the features (even the resharing of my messy yard, lol!!) and saw a big bump in sales this month. Thank you!