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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Listing Photos

Etsy allows ten photos for each listing. But do you really need ten pictures?

Selling online isn't like selling in person. Your customers can't pick up and touch your wares before purchasing. They rely on your photos to give them an idea of what they're getting.

Depending on the item, finding ten different views can be easy or hard. You want to give a good view of it. Show it in use. If it can be worn, have someone model it. Put it in context, and let customers see how small/big it is. A good closeup showing how well-made the item is will definitely help sell it.

A browser just checking out their options probably won't look at all the views of your merchandise. But a customer who is ready to buy will. That is who you want to consider when taking the photos you'll use.

But what if you can't do ten pictures of your item?

You will not be penalized for not having ten views. The live listing will look like it's meant to have five or seven photos only.

However, there are a few things you can add to the later photo slots. (You can shift the photos around, so make sure you order them in a manner that makes sense.)

Do you have other variations of the item? Do you have a gift wrapping option? Is your packaging worthy of a shot?

People, generally, are notorious for not reading through things. They ignore signs in public places. And there's a good chance they'll not carefully read your product's description. So, those final photos are a good opportunity to highlight any information you want your customers to see.

The pictures are your best way to sell your products. Give them the time and attention they need.

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