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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Cancer!

Born June 22 thru July 21 Cancer is symbolized by the crab. Much like the crab Cancerians are well protected on the outside but usually soft and mushy on the inside. Many can describe Cancerians as sweet and sympathetic one moment, then cranky and irritable the next.

Crabby the Amigurumi Crab by Beegrl88

Crab Card by sweetperversion Cancerians are known to be psychic, and can almost guess things before they actually happen. They rarely forget things and are very close observers. These traits make them highly intuitive and psychic.

Mystic Goddess Tara Necklace by QueenofQueens Cancerians follow an indirect approach in life. If they want something, they have a tendency to not go after it straightway. Instead, they will think the whole thing through first, even avoid it for sometime, and then take a completely different approach to get it.

First Love Illustration by ChristaHoward

Famous Cancerians include John Cusack, Natalie Wood, Ringo Starr, Neil Simon and Ernest Hemingway

This is the 6th post in our series of Astrological signs by Sophie n Me.


  1. So very true about Cancerians. I know because I am one! Great post!

  2. Crabby in a good way ;) Fab finds!

  3. Oooh! I love the astrological theme, what a great idea! Thank you so much for including my Mystic Tara necklace. :)


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