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Sunday, June 5, 2011


There are some strange people on etsy. (Yeah, I'm one of them. I can admit this.) As I was flailing about for a topic for today, I found something that made me laugh.

It's a soda can cozy from Handamade. Too cute.

As I perused Handamade's shop, it occurred to me that other CCCOE'ers must have the sort of off-the-wall items that would amuse me, so I went looking. Here are a few things I found...

Skull and crossbones knitting tools? Designs by Tami has all sorts of fun things, but these stitch markers and point protectors stood out.

I continued to browse around, and I found this...

He's a crocheted Mini Mummy Monster, and he's by Giggles. He's too cute!

I felt a Halloween theme developing, so I looked around for some things more in tune with summer. That's when I saw these bracelets...

...from It's Me, Mary. These are shiny and glittery. They're the perfect crocheted accessory for summer.

And finally, I end this with one last jewelry item, a knit...

...and the thought that perhaps I shouldn't leave coming up with my post theme until the absolute last minute. Although, there were things I stumbled across that I might not otherwise have found. There is so much out there to find. Thanks for joining me.

This post was contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs.


  1. oh, these are adorable.

  2. oh, these are adorable. thanks for sharing.

  3. Great finds! Love the shark cozy it's too funny.

  4. Great post. So many creative people on etsy for sure. I love all the unique and wonderful finds.


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