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Friday, May 22, 2015

Days of Summer

Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start of summer. So, what better way to celebrate our three-day weekend and lazy, warm days ahead than to ask our team members about their favorite summer memories...

annie k designs says:
The two-week family vacation. Most families flew but we drove. We live in such a great country and I am lucky to have seen a great deal of it! North Dakota to Texas; Nebraska to North Carolina, Washington DC. I think those vacations fed my wanderlust.  
When going on vacation, you need a travel laundry bag.
Turquoise Hibiscus Travel Laundry Bag, Tropical Vacation Bag, Whatever Zippered Bag, Ready to Ship, Handmade by AnnieKDesigns
Turquoise Hibiscus Travel Laundry Bag

ohmay says:
summer, sun and fun....aloha...
Instant Download PDF Knit Flower Pattern - Hibiscus
Instant Download PDF Knit Flower Pattern - Hibiscus

Nans Glam says:
When I was young my parents would take me to the tide pools along the California coastline. I would see so many wonderful sea creatures including one of my favorites; abalones. I loved how the shells mimicked the ocean's colors and waves.
Abalone Statement Necklace, Multi Strand, Ribbon Necklace, Summer Necklace, OOAK
Abalone Statement Necklace

Bobbles By Carol says:
I have many memories of family BBQ's in back yards playing croquet. Trips to the beach, which many were spent at the bay, that way our parents could let us 5 girls go in the water without the waves... Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents too...
Patriotic Bracelet, Polymer Clay Bracelet, Red White and Blue Beaded Bracelet, Handmade, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Patriotic Jewelry
Patriotic Bracelet

The Crafty Nana says:
Playing baseball in the street in the evening and the address numbers on the sidewalk were our bases...
Sun Hat, Red, White, and Blue, Toddler, Handmade
Sun Hat

And I (Zizi Rho Designs) say:
As a kid, I loved summers as that's when I could raid the library, check out 30 books, and just sit and read. And read. And read.
Knitted Beach or Pool Sandals (for Bare Feet)
Knitted Beach or Pool Sandals (for Bare Feet)
What are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. Thanks for sharing my sun hat. Have a good summer, if the weather ever warms up

  2. Love all these wonderful creations and the stories told by all!


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