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Friday, May 8, 2015


May has to be the geekiest month. We have Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you...) at one end and Towel Day at the other. It's time to celebrate our inner nerd.

We've got the wonderful world of Harry Potter...

iPhone Case Felted Wool Wristlet (to fit IPhone, Droid Razr, etc. )  Harry P. Case - Made to order
iPhone Case Felted Wool Wristlet by ohmay

And The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (This is where Towel Day comes from. Arthur Dent is told that when one is hitchhiking throughout the galaxy, one should always have one's own towel. On May 25th, those of us in the know bring towels out with us.)

Hollow Book Safe - The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Leather Bound
Hollow Book Safe by Hollow Books by Refined Pallet

And what's geekier that a comic book? Don't you want to have a geek-tastic wedding?

Comic Book Table Numbers Wedding Decor Single Sample Custom Your Text Place Setting Card Geek Offbeat
Comic Book Table Numbers Wedding Decor by Shanna Michele Designs

And we can't forget a nod to Doctor Who. And his TARDIS.

Personalized Keychain Doctor Who Small Leather
Doctor Who Personalized Keychain by Tresijas

The '80s have their own geeky flavor.

Set of two 80's Style Broochs
Set of two 80's Style Brooches by This and That Crafter

And who can forget that The Dude abides...

Big Lebowski Dream, Latch-hook rug, The Dude abides. Limited edition.
Big Lebowski Dream Latch-hook Rug by Olde Tyme Notions

Have a geeky May. 


  1. All of these are my favorites! Love them :)

  2. You turn out -- consistently -- great blog posts and find the best CCCOE has to offer! Thanks for sharing with us!


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