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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Challenge First Week Tallies

Have you joined the August Challenge? 

 The CCCOE August Challenge

A few who undertook the challenge last week...

Handmade Sock Monkey Doll, Stuffed Animal, Plushie, Sock Monkey Toy, Art Doll, Home Decor, Desk Decor, Shelfie, Monkey Lover Gift, WINSTON
Winston the Sock Monkey by IndyAndCleo

Magenta  and Orchid Floral Silk Scarf Discounted
Magenta and Orchid Floral Silk Scarf by OceanHandDyed

Hand Painted Silk Scarf in Turquoise and Burgundy
Hand Painted Silk Scarf in Turquoise and Burgundy by OceanAvenueSilks

Beaded Cuff, Blue Green Bracelet,
Beaded Cuff by NansGlam

So, current tallies:

  • AnnieKDesigns: 50 points
  • IndyAndCleo: 50 points
  • OceanAvenueSilks: 100 points
  • NansGlam: 50 points

Are you participating and not represented in the tallies? Let us know you're playing. Post your link in the comments. Or tag your new item or your promotion of fellow teammies with #CCCOEchallenge.


  1. Wow! It's kinda like the CCCOE Olympics...Congrats everyone!!

    1. Kinda. But the IOC is very particular about the use of the name (as they found out on Ravelry when they did such things in years past).

  2. Indy - Yes, the CCCOE Olympics!

    Here's a couple more newbies!

  3. Here's a link for the 3 steps challenge of the month of August

    Have a great day!

  4. I did something for the first week but don't see it here. Do we just repeat the same for week 2? Thx!


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